Wedding Photography Lancashire

Lancashire has many fabulous locations for weddings from the modern contemporary cities through to the countryside of the hills and dales.  No matter which type of venue you choose in these locations Nicky will create beautiful images that capture the atmosphere of your wedding day.

City weddings are becoming more and more popular. Brides are realising that the city venues have lots to offer and that wedding photography in these locations can be just as stunning as those images taken in more rural locations. City venues often have stunning architecture and chic boutique style hotels which can add a fantastic edge to your wedding album. Nicky's images capture all of this style and give a contemporary twist to your wedding photography.

In contrast to the very sharp lines in the city venues, Lancashire also offers rural locations within stunning villages amongst the hills and dales. Several of Nicky's brides have held their weddings' in country hotels that have fabulous gardens, have been set amongst acres of fields or have been located near rivers and lakes. Wedding photography in these locations offers great back drops for your images as well as an opportunity to have some fun with brides in wellies !


Wedding photography at Whoop Hall, Kirby Lonsdale